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New to CM-Well?

If you're new to CM-Well, this page is a good place to familiarize yourself with some basic concepts about CM-Well.

What is CM-Well?

CM-Well is a writable Linked Data repository, developed by Thomson Reuters & Refinitiv and used as its central Knowledge Graph database. CM-Well (Content Matrix Well) adheres to RDF principles, meaning that data is in a standard, machine-readable format.

CM-Well is not a triple store! Our focus is on high scale, immutability of changes and downstream distribution of content. In BI terminology, CM-Well is a data warehouse, you might use a triple store downstream as a data mart.

You can read more about the key differentiating features of CM-Well in our paper accepted to 2017 International Semantic Web Conference.

The Refinitiv Knowledge Graph contains information about organizations, instruments and people in the world of finance, but you can use CM-Well for any kind of linked data. Thomson Reuters & Refinitiv are now offering CM-Well as an Open Source platform for the developer community to use and enrich.

Key Features and Technology

CM-Well is based on a clustered architecture, with durable storage into Apache Cassandra and indexing via Elastic Search. Key features include: Horizontal scaling to support billions of triples Cross site replication REST based APIs All writes treated as immutable, storing previous versions Named graph (quad) support Fast (~10ms by subject, ~50ms for search) retrieval by subject and predicate query Support for SPARQL on sub-graph and a beta of full graph SPARQL Subscription by query for downstream consumers

Other key technologies used under the covers include: Angular and React for the UIs Akka for cluster management Kafka for managing queues of infoton write requests Jena for Sparql and RDF conversions Netty for network comms Zookeeper for cluster configuration

Learn More About CM-Well

Here are some introductory topics you can read if you're new to CM-Well:

Topic Description
Introduction to CM-Well An overview of CM-Well and the business need it meets
CM-Well Data Paradigms RDF, graph databases and other data paradigms related to CM-Well
Overview of the CM-Well API A brief functional overview of the CM-Well API
Technical Aspects of CM-Well A technical overview of the CM-Well API and platform, and what you'll need in order to develop a client application

To learn about the CM-Well API, read at least these chapters of the CM-Well Developer Guide:

To start getting some hands-on experience with CM-Well, work through one of the CM-Well Tutorials. You can install CM-Well on your laptop.


We recommend completing all introductory material described above, including working through tutorials, before attempting a proof-of-concept project.